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Thursday, 1 July 2010

Why did England fail in the World Cup?

So England went out of the World Cup, many reasons were given. Injuries to central defenders, not enough players used to the continental game (do alright in the Champions League), not enough English players in the Premier League but what about psychological factors.

An interesting blog from Mind Hacks reflects on the issue using Neurophilosophy references, because street soccer (more common in countries like Brazil) typically uses smaller goals and this affects our perceptions of goal size. The FA have been trying to use smaller pitches, get younger players and more touches whilst allowing children to learn themselves rather than told what to do. They have also been pushing the development of Futsal which is a variation of five-a-side football with much more focus on skill and creativity. Many top Brazilians have grown up playing Futsal and it involves the use of smaller goals but it will take a few years to see what impact it has on the development in England.

What other factors do you feel were most important in your development? If you don't play much sport why not or what factors stopped you? I'm interested in youth football and currently working on a project in this area so may have more answers in the future.

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